Rockhampton Basketball Strategic Plan 2016-2018

We are excited to present Rockhampton Basketball’s three year Strategic Plan. Over the next three years it is anticipated that RBI will experience unprecedented growth across a number of key metrics.

This plan will act as a compass, guiding our day to day operational activity and decision making to ensure a focused and streamlined approach in the delivery of our five key strategic priorities.

You can access our three year strategic plan here RBI Three Year Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Our vision is bold; for Basketball to be the ‘sport of choice’ in the Rockhampton region. To achieve this we need to ensure that we provide the highest quality product to our existing members, whilst also being innovative and relentless in our promotion of the sport to attract new members.

Our plan is underpinned by five key strategic priorities. Heading up these priorities is ‘Grow Participation’. The core business of Rockhampton Basketball has, and always will be our club based competition.

Although we will continue our commitment to provide opportunities for our members to develop and progress along the high performance pathways, our attention over the next three years will first and foremost be focused on supporting the growth of our club based competitions.

The success of our elite end teams (the McDonalds Rockhampton Rockets and Frenchville Sports Club Cyclones) have been key in ensuring the long term financial stability of our organization. In what is a unique situation, these teams have allowed us to pour resources back into our Association, as opposed to the more common approach of drawing resources away.

Moving forward we plan to further take advantage of these programs, utilizing the brand and public profile that our QBL players have with a highly targeted community engagement strategy. This community engagement strategy will incorporate both our local basketball community, and the wider Rockhampton regional community.

In closing we want to acknowledge that RBI is a member run entity, meaning that Rockhampton Basketball only exists because of you, our members. We are here to serve you, but also to be supported by you. There is no separation between Rockhampton Basketball and our members.

We honestly believe that there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in Basketball in Rockhampton. We thank you for your support, and ask for assistance in helping to drive RBI’s mission; to promote, grow, and develop Basketball in the Rockhampton Regional Community.

Steve Richards                                     Matt Neason
RBI President                                       RBI Manager


The Process
The process for bringing this plan together began in July 2015 through an online survey, which canvassed RBI members on their thoughts across a number of Association focus areas. With 68 respondents the survey provided a fantastic foundation from which to start a conversation.

The resulting plan was created as a result of a collaborative process involving 16 key stake holders representing various user groups across the Association.

We’d like to acknowledge Basketball Queensland’s CEO Graham Burns and local consultant Angela Richardson who were integral in leading strategic workshops to help to tease out some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that our Association is likely to face over the next three years.

The Three Stages
Collating the information and building the Strategic Plan came in three stages. Firstly, identifying the ‘Organizational Priorities’, secondly identifying the specific ‘Strategies’ necessary to achieve each priority, and finally identifying the exact chain of ‘Actions, Timeframes, and Accountabilities’ that make up each strategy.

Level 1: Priorities
Level 2: Strategies
Level 3: Actions

The Result
The result is a Strategic Plan that clearly outlines what we want to achieve, how we are going to achieve it, and who is responsible for making it happen.

It’s ambitious, a touch adventurous, but most importantly achievable. With your ongoing support, we are confident that we have a roadmap to take this Association to the next level, and ultimately achieve our vision of making “basketball the sport of choice in the Rockhampton region”.

Click here to access RBI’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan RBI Three Year Strategic Plan 2016-2018.