Senior Draw Summer 2020/21

The Senior Summer 2020/21 Draw is attached below.

Monday night Competition
Start times are now 55 minutes apart – 6.00pm, 6.55pm and 7.50pm.

Tuesday night competition
Haack Court (Outdoor court) will be utilised to avoid a 9.25pm game timeslot.

With the increased games, further pressure will be put on our small band of referees.  We are encouraging volunteers to come forward to assist in the refereeing – referees are paid.  If anyone can assist in refereeing duties, please contact the RBI office.

Players CANNOT be added courtside on the ipads anymore.  Any players that cannot properly register online due to date of birth (ie players born 2005 or younger only playing seniors), using a voucher to pay or wanting to do a part payment, will need to contact the RBI office prior to games to organise their registration.  The RBI office will be open from 10.00am Monday to Friday.