COVID Entry Policy for Adani Arena

RBI is required to put special COVID safe plans in place to allow competitions and trainings to take place.  Part the COVID safe plan:

  • Registration of attendance
  • Permissions whilst in Adani Arena
  • Sanitisation

Entry and Exit will be at the main entrance at Adani Arena.  Direction of traffic coming in and out is clearly marked and divided by bollards with arrowed floor signage as well.

Registration of attendance:


Game nights: players do not need register their attendance.  This is captured by Courtside Scoring App.

Trainings: players will need to register when attending trainings.


All spectators, coaches and referees must always register their attendance when attending Adani Arena.

Registration of attendance will be monitored using the SwipedOn Visitor Management System.

Via Smart Phone:

Scan QR Code using the camera on your Smart Phone.  QR Code will be displayed in multiple spots in foyer. (If you Camera does not have the function to scan a QR Code, you will need to download QR reader app to your phone).

You will then be directed to the SwipedOn Visitor Management page where you will need to entry your contact details (name, attending as Spectator, Coach, player or referee and phone number), agree to terms of entry and complete registration.  All family members will need to be registered; this can be done using the app by adding another person once completing each person’s registration.

Don’t have a Smartphone?

For anyone without a device to register, there will be an iPad where you can register your details.

Sign out

Upon leaving the stadium, you will need to sign out using the SwipedOn app.

Volunteer staff will be on hand to assist anyone having difficulties with registering their attendance.


All attendees will be required to sanitise their hands on entry.  There are 3 wall mounted hand sanitisation stations located in Adani Arena for your use.

  • Foyer Entry
  • Hegvold Stadium
  • Exit to Amenities building (sliding glass doors)

Score bench Volunteers are asked to assist to sanitise the score bench, scoreboard controllers, game ball and player benches after each game.  Score bench will only be allowed 2 persons (1 from each team).

Training: participants are required to sanitise their ball before and after each training.  Do not bring balls to Game nights as you will not be allowed to shoot around on courts between games.

At Adani Arena for Spectators

Spectators are permitted to attend games and trainings to watch their child/partner play providing social distancing measures are adhered to.

  1. Rockhampton Basketball are permitted to allow 1 person per 4 square metres across our venue. RBI staff and court controllers will monitor the spectator numbers and ask that all persons respect these rules and show courtesy should you be asked to relocate at any given time.
  2. The spectator areas will be marked with the number of spectators allowed in each area. Please be mindful of that number and if your child/team is not on court, then move on to allow parents of players to watch their children if there are too many people in that area. Families can sit closer together, however persons of different households need to social distance.
  1. All children, players and non-players must be supervised by parents and remain in the same seating area in the venue. The mezzanine level will also be opened for seating, however, is closed to any child that is not supervised.
  2. Spectators will not be allowed on carpeted area between Brady and Harney courts. Only players, coaches and score bench volunteers will be allowed in this area.

Pre and Post Game

Please schedule arrival and entry into Adani Arena no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled game time.  We suggest that teams arrange to meet prior to the game to sort out any singlet numbers and enter the court together.

Teams will not be permitted in player bench areas until the previous teams have left the area and player benches sanitised.

Upon completion of games, players and coaches are asked to sanitise their hands and immediately exit the court area.

Score bench volunteers to sanitise score bench, controllers, ball and players bench.

Entry to Harney and Brady courts will be via the foyer area.

Exit from Harney and Brady courts will be towards roller door and walk the perimeter of the courts either:

  • Back to the foyer exit
  • Exit via Harney Fire Door (Fire door must be closed after exiting)
  • Exit via Brady Fire Door (Fire door must be closed after exiting)

Entry to Hegvold court will be via the front entrance

Exit from Hegvold court will be via the side entrance.

Rockhampton Basketball Inc thank you for your cooperation and patience in assisting us to adhere to COVID requirements.