Looking to join a Senior team?

Our Next Season
Our next season kicks off for the Monday 15th (Women) and Tuesday 16th (Men) of October with 2 weeks of Grading games.  The Grading games provides clubs with an opportunity to finalise their teams prior to the real season kicking off a week later.

Key Dates for Summer 2018/19
Mon 15th & Fri 16th Oct – Grading Games
Mon 29th & Tues 30th Nov – Round 1
Saturday 30th March – Grand Finals

Both men and women competitions are based on divisions.

Division 1 – Men and Women
Division 2 – Men and Women
Division 3 – Men and Women
Division 4 – Men

What does Basketball Cost?
Our current registration rates are…

$207 RBI Fee + $10 Club Fee + *$61.44 BQ Fee
*BQ Fee is purchased once every 12 months, meaning Basketball is cheaper in your second season.

Which Club Should I Play For?
Contact details for our 5 member clubs are on flyer attached.  But if you’re unsure, simply ring the RBI Development staff on 07 4922 5544 and we’ll help you find a team.

Sign Me Up…Where Do I Register
All our registrations are done online.  Simply head to www.rockhamptonbasketball.com.au and click on the register now button or click here.  Follow the prompts (really user friendly) and make sure you complete your registration by clicking on the pay now button.  Occasionally the pay now button, doesn’t show up.  If that happens to you, we recommend redoing the registration process on a Chrome browser using a desktop computer.  If you’re still having troubles your club will be able to assist.

We Are A Volunteer Run Organization And We Expect You To Be Involved In Our Community!
Rockhampton Basketball is extremely fortunate to have friendly helpful full-time staff, but the truth is, we are a volunteer run organization.  The reason we can keep fees half of what they are in Brisbane and Northern Associations is because we have an amazing Volunteer culture.  If you want this to stay the same, we need your help.  Clubs are always on the lookout for new enthusiastic volunteers, and as the saying goes, many hands make light work.

Are you interested in positively shaping the lives of the future generation?  If so, there is no better way to achieve this than being a coach, and we’ll provide you with full training and support.  Are you good with organizing people?  All great teams have a great team-manager, and again we’ll help with a full induction.  Would you be comfortable including 8 singlets in your next load of washing?  That would be a huge help.  All teams are expected to score their own games.