Welcome Ray Willis

League Leading Scorer to Help Power Up The Rockets

The McDonald’s Rockhampton Rockets are excited to announce the signing of star shooting guard Ray Willis for the 2018 QBL season.

Willis has played the past three QBL seasons with the Gladstone Power where he established himself as one of the premier Imports in the league. In 2017 he led all scorers averaging 29.5 points a game, which was also supported with 8 rebounds and 4 assists.

For his part Willis is excited to be partnering with a program that is synonymous with success. “My production has gone up each year I’ve been in the league” Willis said. “Individually I’ve played well, but I’m all about winning, and with the Rockets I’m confident that’s something we can do a lot of”.

Winning for Willis extends to much more than just the basketball court. “When I come to Rockhampton I want to impact the community. We have to make sure we’re winning there too” he explained. “My discussions with Management have been really productive in that sense. Their views on building a community around the basketball program align perfectly with my own”.

On the court coach Tweedy’s approach to the game provides the dynamic shooting guard with the right balance of freedom and structure. “Talking with other players who have played under him, they talk about his faith in his players, and the support he gives them to make plays”.

For his part, Tweedy is wrapped with the signing. “Ray’s been an MVP candidate all three seasons that he’s played. There are few, if any players in the league who can score at his level, but he also plays both ends of the floor” said Tweedy.

“It’s no secret that a proven player like Ray is in high demand in our league, so to have him choose Rockhampton ahead of all other programs says a lot about the direction we’re heading” Tweedy said.

Willis’ physical traits are well known. He can impact a game in multiple ways. However it’s his demeanour off the court that he sees as his greatest asset. “I’m bringing a sense of urgency to the team” he said.

“Every practice, I’m going to bring it, and I’m going to demand the same of my team-mates. We don’t have time for mediocrity. If you’re not bringing the competitive edge to every possession, whether it’s a game, a training, or a morning shoot around, I’m going to be on you. I’m coming to Rockhampton to win, and I need that same commitment from everyone else on the team”.

For Willis, attitude is everything. “I’m an energy guy. I focus my attention on good thoughts, which brings good feelings, and ultimately leads to great results”. Willis’ energy is contagious. When you speak with him you can’t help but get excited about what he intends to bring to the program.

With Ray Willis, and 2017 returning captain James Mitchell already announced, the Rockets have made a clear statement about bringing in players who are committed to success on and off the court, play both ends of the floor, and are driven to achieve the ultimate in team success by leading the Rockets to their sixth QBL championship.

The Rockets pre-season will launch in January 2018 as part of an extended U23 campaign, with practice games expected in early April ahead of a likely round one home game on Fri 27th April.

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